Hope you had a good start into the new year! This is gonna be my last post about Amsterdam for now. It’s about the stores I visited and liked. Of course not every single store I was in, but a selection of really good ones!

Opening of the first dutch size? store in Amsterdam.

size? Amsterdam
Kalverstraat 128 
1012 PK Amsterdam
I don’t need to say why I’m so in love with this store, right?
Toys Toys Toys. No more words needed.

Outland Designer Toy Store & Art Gallery Amsterdam
Zeedjik 22
1012 AZ Amsterdam

Acht Sneakers Amsterdam
Vijzelstraat 105
1017 HH Amsterdam

A really nice store with more than just regular Footwear.
Shoes, Streetwear, Accessoires and much more.

290 Square Meters
Houtkopersdwarsstraat 3
1011 NK Amsterdam
Not a store but a street full of street art in Amsterdam that I really really love.
It’s called Spuistraat.
One of the best looking sneaker/streetwear stores in my opinion.
One side of the store is a gallery with a different style every now and then.
Really unique and nice vibe.

CONCRETE Image Store
Spuistraat 250
1012 VW Amsterdam

Leaving Concrete, I just came across this sign and had to go there.
I was walking around all day and was really exhausted. So this little break came across just in time.
Also: Never say no to a waffle. You will regret it for the rest of your life! Really. Just trust me and treat yourself.

The Happy Pig – Amsterdam Pancake Shop
Rosmarijnsteeg 12
1012 RP Amsterdam

I was really happy to find HAY at Spuistraat as well. If you love interior design and a minimal but fancy style,
you will love it as much as I did.  The sad thing about it: It’s a bit pricy.

HAY Amsterdam
Spuistraat 281
1012 VR Amsterdam

Coffee Company
You should definitely go there instead of Starbucks. Their coffee is just so much better!

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