I still can’t believe what just happened last week. I’m one of those 200 lucky m*therf*ckers that had the chance to be a part of the Afew x Asics Gel Lyte III ‘Koi’ Campout and Release. Being the number 19 on the list, means that I was a part of that campout from Wednesday on. I had to go to the store every 4 hours 5 times a day. I’m even more lucky that I didn’t had to sleep there. I’m really blessed for living in Düsseldorf man. But even though I could go home, I was chilling there most of the time.
I met a lot of new people that are super nice and funny – also met a lot guys that I knew from the past. Geez even friends from Holland! Can’t tell how stoked I still am. I guess no one ever will forget this memory. We’re part of Afew’s history now. One of the biggest and most hyped German releases E-V-E-R. That’s just sick!! Can’t wait for the next releases and I hope to see a lot of you guys again really soon. Like really really soon.
Huge congratulations to the whole Afew Team as well. They made a great job managing the list really fair and also offered snacks and drinks (mostly beer haha!) for free. We even sang Happy Birthday to Philipp who celebrated his Birthday on Friday. I mean c’mon, that’s amazeballs. Dopest vibes and so much love.
Nuff said. Enjoy the Campout and release from my view. I gotta say that I would take more on feet pictures, but it was hella crowded. You feel me, right? But damn bruh…all that heat! It was mind-blowing. Also check this, this and this recap.

silviadoganay-koi-recap-002 silviadoganay-koi-recap-001 silviadoganay-koi-recap-003 silviadoganay-koi-recap-004silviadoganay-koi-recap-008 silviadoganay-koi-recap-007 silviadoganay-koi-recap-006 silviadoganay-koi-recap-005silviadoganay-koi-recap-012 silviadoganay-koi-recap-011 silviadoganay-koi-recap-010 silviadoganay-koi-recap-009silviadoganay-koi-recap-016 silviadoganay-koi-recap-015 silviadoganay-koi-recap-014 silviadoganay-koi-recap-013silviadoganay-koi-recap-021 silviadoganay-koi-recap-020 silviadoganay-koi-recap-019 silviadoganay-koi-recap-018 silviadoganay-koi-recap-017silviadoganay-koi-recap-027 silviadoganay-koi-recap-026 silviadoganay-koi-recap-025 silviadoganay-koi-recap-024 silviadoganay-koi-recap-023 silviadoganay-koi-recap-022silviadoganay-koi-recap-032 silviadoganay-koi-recap-031 silviadoganay-koi-recap-030 silviadoganay-koi-recap-029 silviadoganay-koi-recap-028silviadoganay-koi-recap-038 silviadoganay-koi-recap-037 silviadoganay-koi-recap-037.2 silviadoganay-koi-recap-036 silviadoganay-koi-recap-035 silviadoganay-koi-recap-034silviadoganay-koi-recap-043 silviadoganay-koi-recap-042 silviadoganay-koi-recap-041 silviadoganay-koi-recap-040 silviadoganay-koi-recap-039

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