Another day – another sneaker. Once again I have Reebok on my feet, since they stepped up their female sneaker game a lot! These are called Reebok Classic x Face Stockholm Freestyle Hi. I gotta admit that I was not sure if I would like the silhouette on my feet, but when I opened the box and tried them on, I was like yeah man, I’m feeling it. Really like the mix of the classic old school thing and the splash of color, which is representing the make up brand Face. There is definitely some more Reebok stuff coming up on the blog. You better be ready, but what is your opinion on these? Check out the rest of the collection here.

Ich bin mal wieder am Start mit einem neuen Sneaker. Mal wieder ein Reebok, ihr seht richtig! Dadurch dass Reebok dieses Jahr so ordentlich reinhaut für uns Mädels und tolle Schuhe auf den Markt bring, trudeln bei mir auch immer mehr und mehr Paare ein. Am Fuß kommt er echt super, wie ich finde. Der Schuh ist übrigens aus der Reebok Classic x Face Stockholm Kollaboration. Wie man unschwer am Namen erahnen kann, ist Face eine Make Up Firma. Den Rest der Kollektion könnt ihr hier sehen. 

Camera: Constantin Jerch / Facebook / Tumblr
Shoe: Reebok Classic x Face Stockholm Freestyle Hi

reebokxface001 reebokxface002 reebokxface003 reebokxface004 reebokxface005 reebokxface006 reebokxface007 reebokxface009 reebokxface010 reebokxface011 reebokxface012 reebokxface013 reebokxface014 reebokxface015

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