First things first: Fila, you had a great comeback in 2016!

I remember this situation where I was super hyped when I bumped into a Fila shirt back in 2014 in Amsterdam.  I was checking the famous second-hand shop called Episode. Actually looking for a
nylon jacket. They had this section with vintage Levis jackets, adidas nylon jackets, Buffalo platforms and what so ever. There it was. In between these hidden treasures. A black Fila shirt with their white signature logo on the chest. I can still hear myself thinking ‘hell naaah, I can’t believe they have Fila!’ I was wearing that kinda stuff when I was 9 or 10. So that nostalgia feeling really made me buy a black and beige shirt. Whenever I’m wearing Fila it feels like I’m taking a plane ride back to the year 1999. Good news is that you don’t have to hope to go to Episode in Amsterdam to find some Fila pieces or take a plane ride back to 1999. You can check this store if you’re looking for Fila clothes. You should also check out their white velour track pants for women! I’m sooo in love with them. Bad news: my size is sold out.  (Insert Kim Kardashian’s cry face here)
I decided to pair this pink unisex shirt with simple black jeans and my new Reebok Aztec trainers to have that vintage kinda vibe going. The trainers have a gum sole paired with a clean white upper. It would be a proper 90s fit if I would combine it with baby blue mom jeans, but the thing is: I don’t have a pair of baby blue mom jeans. Perfect looking and perfect fitting mom jeans, where are you at tho? I’m still waiting for you. Hit me up. Gimme a call or slide into my Instagram DMs.

T-Shirt Fila
Watch Casio
Pants Mango ‘Kim’ Jeans
Shoes Reebok Aztec Garment and Gum 

shot by Niko edited by me

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