I was always wondering how it is to wear an adidas NMD City Sock. Now I know! The name says it all. It’s super easy and quick to put them on and walk out of the house. No lacing, no problem. The perfect shoe for everyone who’s struggling with lacing or doesn’t want to waste 10 minutes every morning. I have to admit that I really hurt my feet when I was wearing them with invisible socks.
I definitely blame the loop that was rubbing against my ankle. You gotta protect those ankles baby. You’ll regret it otherwise. At least that’s what I experienced. They say that “beauty knows no pain” but I can’t and won’t risk hurting my ankles again. High socks for me next time lol. Other than that I’ll give them an A+ for the innovative and futuristic design. Also an A+ for the comfort  ’cause #boostislife. Can’t say anything bad about the material as well.  The prime knit upper is an excellent choice for extremely hot days. Letting some air in is key like I already mentioned in this post. Ain’t nobody got time for sweaty feet on hot summer days. Really hope that adidas will fix the loop vs. ankle problem. I’m sure I ain’t the only one who’s suffering from it.

Sunglasses Dot Dash ‘Hush’
Top Bershka
Skirt Urban Outfitters
Sneaker adidas Originals NMD CS1 PK

shot by my baby momz and edited by yours truly

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