What’s good beautiful people? Talking about beautiful people… I was surrounded by a lot of good looking, stylish and positive energy people from Saturday to Monday. Thinking back makes me smile and miss every and each one of them in a different type of way.

What is she talking about? Where was she? What did she do there?’

Well, if you’re following me on the grams you have seen it all. If not: I was in Amsterdam and it was mad real! The funny thing is that this ain’t my first post about Amsterdam. If you scroll down to my very first posts you’ll see that my love for this city has always been huge and real. Nothing changed. I would still move to the Dam in a sec. So if there is a cool brand reading this post: feel free to hit me up with that offer lmao. I ain’t even kidding. Let’s build fam. Back to the topic. I was having a really good time but ain’t nobody got time to write it all down. To cut the matter short: I was vibing with like-minded people, connecting and collaborated with them on different levels, linked up, inspired and got inspired and fell in love with the feeling that I was left with when I was heading home. Trusss me it was just as dope as this sounds. To end this little insights thing and bring up the words I said most in those three days: I fux w the vision + I fux w the aesthetics. Did I just quote myself? Uhm… hell to the yes! I’m outta here. Enjoy the pictures that my friend Niko took a few weeks ago. Full Fila errthang   //well almost. Hope you like it. It’s okay if you don’t. Not everyone has a good taste. 

Sweatshirt FILA
T-Shirt FILA
Fanny pack FILA
Pants ZARA Trafaluc
Socks FILA
Shoes Reebok Club C 85 RD

photography: Niko
edit: Silvi

laluna23com-filanmyself-001 laluna23com-filanmyself-006

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