Yoooo! I’m finally back with another new post and I’m lowkey hoping that you guys are doing a twerk right now lmao. You already know that I had some real issues with my new MacBook Pro, if you follow me on the gram. But thank God I got them issues fixed. There is probably nothing worse to end up having no access to Photoshop and what so ever as an art director. The struggle was mad real. Trust me with that.

Here are some pictures that I wanted to share with you  guys for like ageeees. But if you know me, you know that I’m doing a lot of extra hours at work #exhaustedworkaholic. So when I get home, all I do is Netflix and chill the f outta my life. Nothing wrong with some good quality me time.

I took those pictures back in I don’t even know when. Wooooow. I feel like it was back in 2015, but must be something around August 2017 or so. However. Thanks for always being a handsome model Hakim. I mean… look at him. Look at him! A girl’s gotta do what I girl’s gotta do.


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